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We are very excited to share with you our new eLearning system: LEAD Online.

Learn. Explore. Assess. Develop.

Online Learning Made Easy

With LEAD our clients can expect top quality course work and support right on their computers or smart phones. LEAD makes use of the latest software available in eLearning to provide a unique learning experience for our clients.

No More Books!

That’s right. Imagine being able to study anywhere: in a coffee shop, on your sofa at home or on the train. All you need is a connection to the internet and you will have access to your coursework at all times. You will be able to review what you learnt in class that morning, do some extra practice exercises, get additional support in your weak areas and upload assignments.

We are busy adding new content on a daily basis so that you will have a wide variety of exercises and assignments that will stimulate you and challenge you to succeed. Watch videos, listen to podcasts and read from a variety of sources so that you get a rich experience of the English language from your course.

Progress at Your Own Pace

Because we all learn differently, we want you to be able to progress whenever you feel you are ready. Under your profile you can easily track your progress and once you have completed the necessary coursework you will have the option of taking a test whenever you want to. With LEAD you decide when you want to do a test.

Continuous Support

Learning English shouldn’t be difficult which is why LEAD also offers you continuous support while you learn. For example: once you have completed a test, LEAD will provide suggestions and exercises for you based upon your weak areas. You can then use these to improve and gain confidence in your English skills.

An Exciting Future

We can’t wait to know what you think of LEAD – I know we love it! So speak to us about how to join and begin investing in your future success.

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