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5 Fun Ways to Maintain Your English

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Here are five simple ways to help you maintain your English. And they are a lot of fun too!


If you are meeting people who speak your language, invite a few who don’t speak it. That way you will be forced to speak a common language… ENGLISH!


Skype friends who you need to communicate with in English.


Tune into one of many pre-selected radio and TV stations worldwide. You can try a site like the BBC World Service radio where you can listen to current affairs and extend your vocabulary. You can listen to what’s going on in your country but do it in ENGLISH.


Start a blog about your experience  as a language student…maybe you can do this with a few friends. Gather some followers and chat in ENGLISH.


Hang out with people, get involved in organizing events, find some volunteer work at the beach… real English is learned out there.

Group of friends sitting at table in backyard

Group of friends sitting at table in backyard

Consolidating what you learn in class is vital to retain what you study. Give yourself the gift of practising and activating the language.

If you need more ideas on how to improve your English then contact us. By joining one of our specialized English courses you can develop your English skills quickly. And if you don’t feel like travelling you can have private online lessons. We are here to answer your questions!

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