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6 Secret Tricks to Improve your English

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6 Secret Tricks to Improve your English

I have been helping students learn English for many years, and I have come across the same problems again and again. Here are some comments I took note of during the tutorials I recently did with some of my students. Read them and see if you can relate:

“I don’t read in English because I don’t have enough vocabulary.”

“I don’t watch English films because I don’t understand.”

“I don’t write because I don’t need to write in English.”

So, I have highlighted the main complaints I get from students when I do tutorials. My answers are always the same, but instead of focusing on the problems I give advice on why a student should push themselves to overcome these challenges. For example:

“I don’t read in English because I don’t have enough vocabulary.”

If you don’t start reading your vocabulary range will never grow.

“I don’t watch English films because I don’t understand.”

If you don’t watch films you will not give yourself the opportunity to hear the language being used.”

“I don’t write because I don’t need to write in English.”

If you don’t write you won’t give yourself the practice necessary to remember how or why grammar is used.

vanessa nix tutThat being said, there is a world of difference between the advice given and the actual doing; and it all boils down to learner autonomy, motivation and will power.

Simply put, if one does not take learning into their own hands, progress will be slow and tedious.

So, here are my 6 of my “secret” ways I advise my students to improve their English learning experience:

  1. Set Goals

    Set, small realistic goals and manage your expectations. Your teacher/tutor/academic director can help you.

  2. Post-it Notes

    Post it away – label your environment with new vocabulary and expressions. It reinforces associations passive and keeps them alive.

  3. Work together

    Partner up – There is nothing better for motivation than a friend with similar goals. Learning with them keeps you on track.

  4. Set Challenges

    Micro-Challenge Yourself – Prepare a mini challenge for everyday eg: Today I will order coffee using accurate grammar and good fluency.

  5. 100% English

    Live, Eat and Sleep English – surround yourself with English sound (film, music, talks, people). Eat sandwiches, drink tea, read billboards, posters and even the information on the cereal boxes when you eat breakfast. Attend free social groups at bookshops and library and talk to anyone who will listen. Live the language.

  6. Variety is the spice of life

    Variation – don’t do the same things everyday or stick to the same websites, books or learning tools/ apps. There is no single way to learn so try new things everyday.

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If you need more ideas on how to improve your English then contact us. By joining one of our specialized English courses you can develop your English skills quickly. And if you don’t feel like travelling you can have private online lessons. We are here to answer your questions!

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