April 23, 2015 English One

A friendly chat on the Wheel!

the wheel
We always encourage our students to think out of the box and that is precisely what our A2 students did! They had to imagine a dialogue that would have taken place on the “Wheel of Excellence” at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town. This is what was produced by our stars!

Ab = Abdullah
Kh = Khalid

Ab: Hello Kh
Kh: Hi Abdullah
Ab: Look, that is The Waterfront!
Kh: Where? Oh yes, I can see it. Is that Robben Island Museum?
Ab: Yes, I like this.
Kh: Me too. What can you see at Robben Island Museum?
Ab: I’m not sure.
Ab: Wait, Kh. I want to take a picture.
Kh: Ok, take it.

Kh: You can learn about Nelson Mandela, his life and his history.

Kh: There are many people in The Waterfront, hotels, restaurants and shops.

Ab: Yes, I think is a beautiful place in Cape Town.
Ab: Please tell me more about Robben Island?
Kh: I don’t have a lot of information, but it was a prison and Nelson Mandela spent 18 years there.
Ab: The people in Cape Town are easy-going and friendly.
Kh: Yes, I think so too.

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