About Us

Our passionate and caring team is what makes English One what it is. We love helping our students to achieve more than they thought possible. It is our vision to empower you to succeed. We want you to be able to grow with new experiences and new opportunities.

We believe that the best way to help you succeed is in understanding your unique needs.  We want to work with you and be a partner on your journey to English success. From our many years of experience, we have developed a different approach to learning English. And we would love to share this with you.

Investing in your future

We want you to be part of the experience, making the decisions that will shape your future. By becoming part of the journey, you will gain a far greater benefit from your time at English One. With us you will be able to take ownership of your studies and your future.

Right from the beginning, we want you to know exactly what you need to do; and how long it’s going to take you. Because we believe that transparency and honesty is vital to your learning process.