English One

The name of our school explains our philosophy of teaching English. We chose “English One” because we wanted to emphasize the importance of each individual student – the “One”.

It is our belief that when a student is placed at the center of our school, and is understood and supported, then they will achieve far more than what they thought was possible.

From the moment a student arrives we ensure that everything they need for success in learning English is being provided for.

English One provides quality education, dynamic courses, innovative teaching and world-class service, while still making learning English affordable.

By combining professionalism and personal relationships we have developed a new approach to learning English.

This is more than a normal school, the way you learn is innovative and fun. The teachers are well prepared and they become your family.Pietro, Student (Italy)

Investing in your future

Taking the time to do an English course is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. By investing in yourself and learning English you will change your life for the better by opening up new opportunities for your future.

At English One we understand how important it is for you to make the most of your time and to get the best possible help and guidance to improving your English ability. This is why we take the learning process so seriously.

Our innovative English+ system has been designed to increase your ability to learn English and develop your language skills. Through the personalized, tailored learning support we offer you will feel the difference in your confidence, accuracy and fluency.

Everything that we do is focused on your learning experience and great care and attention goes into ensuring your progress matches your goals.

We want you to be part of the experience, making the decisions that will shape your future. By becoming part of the journey, you will gain a far greater benefit from your time at English One. With us you will be able to take ownership of your studies and your future.

Right from the beginning, we want you to know exactly what you need to do; and how long it’s going to take you. Because we believe that transparency and honesty is vital to your learning process.

It seemed that the teachers were doctors – they examined our situation and prescribed the correct medicine for the problems we had with the language.Racquel, Events Coordinator (Brazil)

Our School

Our school is located in the centre of Cape Town, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the Mother City. English One is within easy walking distance of bus stops and the train station, and surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops. The popular Long Street is just around the corner from our school.

I’ve visited many schools and English One was the best. I had a great experience and I’m happy that I could visit Cape Town.Alena, Lecturer (Slovakia)

What you can expect at English One:

 icon-user  Small Classes: maximum of 8 students in a class

 icon-edit 7 airconditioned classrooms

 icon-desktop  Computer lab & media centre

 icon-camera  Social activities

 icon-rss  Free high-speed internet

 icon-coffee  Student lounge

 icon-book  Library & self-study area

Become part of the English One family

Studying English in Cape Town is an adventure you won’t forget, this is why we take great care to ensure that it is the life-changing experience it should be.

Our experience has taught us that creating real personal relationships enables everyone to learn and grow. We are more than an English school, we are a global family that shares connections and relationships.

When you choose to study at English One you will know that your every need will be cared for, and you will leave a piece of your heart in our lives.

When I arrived in Cape Town I was alone but they didn’t leave me like that, they were like my family.Khalied, Sales Rep (Saudi Arabia)