Simple to use

LEAD is an intuitive program that is clear and easy to use. Once a student has begun their course they will be guided in the sign-up process. As students progress through their course, LEAD will provide support and extra materials that will reinforce what is being learnt in class each week.

The benefits of LEAD:

  • Self-Paced – you can work through the material at your own pace, spending more time on areas that challenge you and moving faster through areas that you understand easily.
  • Faster learning – the individualised approach of LEAD allows you to skip over areas you understand and move onto the areas you need practice in.
  • Anywhere, anytime – because the material is available online, you can study whenever you want to and wherever you are.
  • Up-to-date material – all of our material is fresh and up to date, as we are adding new content all the time.
  • Remember more – because of the wide variety of materials that we use (videos, podcasts, quizzes, audio), you get a rich exposure to English. And because the material is available all the time you can revisit or replay modules that might not have been clear the first time around.
  • Understand your progress – you can constantly keep track of where you are and how you’re progressing. You can also clearly see which areas may need extra work.
  • Exciting learning – you won’t just sit and read information like from a book, with videos and podcasts you get a far more exciting experience of learning English.
  • Ongoing access – even once you’ve finished your course, you’ll be able to look back on your learning materials. This means that you can brush up in areas that you need.
  • Saving the environment­ – because we don’t use books or paper, you get to help save the environment too!

How LEAD Works

LEAD’s curriculum is different – We have worked backwards when designing our courses. With certain outcomes in mind we have developed a course that guides you, through clear and understandable steps, to achieving those outcomes.

A supportive system – LEAD will provide in-depth and continuous support for you as you progress through your course. You will be able to review what you learnt in class that week, do extra practice exercises and get additional support in your weak areas.

Measure your progress – With our online quizzes, assignments and online tracking you can track your progress through your course. You’ll be able to see how far you’ve come and what you still need to do in order to progress.

All media welcome! – In trying to get you to learn more, we have taken advantage of all the different forms of media to teach you. From videos to audio to text, we believe that they can all make a difference in your studies.

Just register and begin learning – Once you arrive at English One, we will assist you in registering and provide you with an introduction to the system. And then you can begin investing in yourself!

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