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Guided Self Study


We acknowledge that learner needs vary and everyone absorbs at different paces.

Guided Self-Study takes individual’s needs and employs various strategies to give each student the necessary tools to get the maximum benefit out of their course. Whatever area of English they need to improve – whether it’s pronunciation, grammar or reading – goals are set and tasks based on those are assigned to them. And to support the learning process students also get a tutor, one of our experienced teachers to guide help them progress.

So, armed with a personal file full of individualized tasks, students pick a spot and get on with learning.

Guided Self-Study

Self-Study with teacher’s support


The student’s guided self-study means a teacher is always standing-by to assist students should the need arise. Guided self-study also promotes Learner Autonomy*, which is essential if one is to study at college or university.

Our students are taking full advantage of all their ACES!  Remember GUIDED GOALS GROW!


Guided Self-Study

Learner Autonomy

* Learner Autonomy – taking responsibility  and accountability for your own studies.

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