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Your Path to Success

If you’ve found this page it means you understand the importance of a good IELTS score. Here at English One we aim to ensure that you can achieve the IELTS score that you need in order to reach your dreams, whether it be living and working in an English-speaking country or studying at an English university.

With our years of experience we have developed a detailed program of study that can ensure you get the IELTS score that you need. Our experienced and qualified teachers have been guiding our students to success by using our IELTS Achiever Program. You too can get the IELTS score you need by joining English One’s IELTS Achiever Program.

Success Guaranteed

We know how to produce results. If you follow our program we are confident that you will succeed. If you don’t get the result that you were aiming for it will mean that we haven’t done what we promised to do.


We promise you success and if you don’t succeed we are prepared to offer you a full refund on your course*

*Ts&Cs apply

IELTS Unlock

English One’s IELTS Achiever Program

English One runs a top quality IELTS preparation course that is designed to fully prepare students for the IELTS test. With in-depth looks at the four sections of the test (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and excellent tips on how to succeed during the test, the IELTS Achiever Program is your answer to a brighter future.

Students have the option of doing the full-time course, or joining just the third module each day by taking the part-time course.

COURSE9:00 - 10:3011:00 - 12:3013:30 - 15:00COST PER WEEK
FULL TIMEStarting from:
R2,800 / $190 / €180
PART TIME X XR850 / $60 / €55

We want to share our knowledge with you and show you the way to success, so sign-up now to begin your journey to IELTS.

Exam Day IELTS materials

What you get from the course

English One’s IELTS Achiever Program will give you a greater insight into the exam by sharing valuable information that you won’t find online or in a book.

Our course prepares students by developing their exam skills and abilities

· Planning and drafting writing
· Describing trends
· Comparing data
· Organising information
· Inferring meaning
· Paraphrasing
· Summarising key points
· Hypothesising
· Speculating
· Describing interests
· Classification of information
· Cultivating the ability to read and understand academic texts
· Inferring meaning through context
· Interpreting graphs and diagrams and being able to supply the relevant information
· Circumnavigating difficult topics while speaking
· Locating specific information while listening and reading
· Expressing your opinion clearly and with confidence
· Identifying the writers/speakers views or claims
During the course our teachers will help you to understand the requirements of each paper, giving you lots of practice with your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our teachers will guide you through the different question types and give you advice on time management during the exam. English One uses the latest materials available and you’ll have access to numerous practice papers too.

The IELTS Achiever Program doesn’t just focus on each individual section of the exam, but gives students transferable skills that can be used in each part of the IELTS exam. So, for example, you won’t just learn how to follow the main argument in a text, but also be able to use this skill while listening and speaking.

Beyond the IELTS exam

While your immediate goal is to achieve the score you need on the IELTS exam, we want you to be able to take what you learn from our course and continue to use it in your future studies and work. So while focussing on the necessary exam skills, you will also be exposed to typical academic topics and subjects found at university:

  • Scientific processes
  • Global issues
  • Cultural diversity
  • Environmental issues
  • Technology
  • The arts and humanities
  • Politics
  • Biology

During the IELTS Achiever Program you will be exposed to these topics through reading, listening and conversation, enabling you to talk about these topics with confidence.

Course Dates and Times

The IELTS Achiever Program can be joined at any time, but to take full advantage of the course we advise you to spend between 8 to 12 weeks preparing. For advice on how long you should prepare you can take our free online IELTS test to see where you stand. Follow these steps to take the test.

English One will provide all necessary assistance in registering you for the exam with the British Council in Cape Town, so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork and can just focus on your studies.

Go here to see the dates of the IELTS exams in South Africa for 2016.




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