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Planning to Emigrate?

We can help you pass your IELTS exam first time!


For many South Africans wanting to emigrate, a requirement is that they verify their level of English by taking the IELTS test. Many people think that because they speak English fluently as their mother tongue that the IELTS test won’t be a problem. But the truth is that the IELTS test is a challenging and demanding test that isn’t as easy as you may think.

This is why our IELTS preparation programs have been so invaluable to our clients. By getting expert advice and guidance as well as good practice in preparation for the IELTS test, our clients have always achieved the results that they needed.


English One has developed several programs to assist you in preparing to take the IELTS test. Each program makes use of our unique syllabus which has been developed through years of experience.


  • Friendly and professional assistance.
  • Pre-course full skills assessment which evaluates each of the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking). This is used in conjunction with the score you need to achieve in order to let you know where you stand, and what you need to do to achieve success.
  • A complete breakdown of the different test sections helping you to understand what to expect.
  • In-depth strategizing and valuable exams skills needed to answer each part of the test.
  • All materials and official practice tests.
  • Detailed feedback from qualified professionals.

IELTS materials

Client Testimonials

“Without taking this course I would never have known what was expected and how to write, read and listen to be prepared” – Nozuko.

“A well organised course and knowledgeable teacher who made the lessons very interesting and helpful. I will recommend this course to anyone that needs to study.” – Craig.

“I would highly recommend this course! It was well organised and the teacher’s hands-on approach made me feel comfortable enough to express my views and ask questions. The teacher’s commitment and passion towards assisting me in achieving my goals exceeded my expectations. I am able to take and use the tools given and now put them into practise.” – Leanne.

IELTS class

Craig and Leanne in class

Monthly Workshop

Held the Saturday before each IELTS test, this is an intensive, full-day course designed to quickly prepare you to take the test.

TIMES: 9:00 to 15:30

COST: R2750

The advantage of this workshop is that once you’ve finished you will have a week to revise and prepare before taking the IELTS test, and if you have any follow up questions we’d be only too happy to help you.

PLEASE NOTE: No pre-course assessment is done for the workshop.

Private Tuition

Get the individual attention you need with the flexibility of a private teacher. After your pre-course assessment you’ll be able to benefit from personalised instruction in order to make rapid progress in a short time.

TIMES: Dependent on teacher availability.

COST: R300 per hour

IELTS Correspondence Course

For clients who aren’t based in Cape Town, we provide an electronic correspondence course to assist our clients in preparing to take the IELTS test – wherever they are.

By making use of email and Skype we offer a comprehensive course with detailed instruction, valuable feedback and all the tips and strategies to achieve the score that you need.

Our approach is to structure your course around your individual needs and requirements. This means that you get instruction in the particular areas that you need and within a timeframe that suits you.

TIMES: This depends on you

COST: R2250

Online IELTS Course


By making use of our online learning system, you can get the full benefit of the IELTS course from the comfort of your home. The course is simple to follow and supports your learning through every lesson.

Our IELTS Achiever online course is a complete preparation course for the IELTS test. This comprehensive course includes:

  • informative videos
  • detailed information on each part of the exam
  • in-depth analysis of test questions
  • clear guidance on how to complete each section of the test
  • authentic listening exercises
  • loads of practice materials
  • top strategies for succeeding during the test
  • useful feedback from our experienced teachers


IELTS Achiever


The first step in preparing for the IELTS test is to know where your current level of English is. By getting an idea of your initial starting band, you can then plan on how to reach your goal.

You can take our free online IELTS test by following these steps.


A number of Commonwealth countries use IELTS scores as proof of prospective immigrant’s competence in English. Each country has different score requirements for different types of visa:


  1. Competent English (IELTS Score 6.0): ENS and RSMS visas through the Direct Entry Stream, Skilled Migration.
  2. Proficient English (IELTS Score 7.0): Points Tested Skills visas (to obtain 10 points).
  3. Superior English (IELTS Score 8.0): Points Tested Skills visas (to obtain 20 points).


  1. Skilled Migrant: Principle applicant must achieve an IELTS score of 6.5, partners and children aged 16 and over must achieve 5.0.
  2. Business Categories: Principle applicants must achieve an IELTS score of 5.0.


Canada uses the Canadian Language Benchmarks and prospective immigrants are expected to score between 4.0 to 7.0 depending on the visa category they require.

IELTS logo



The International English Language Testing System (or IELTS as it’s commonly known), is a high quality, internationally recognized English language evaluation of great accuracy and integrity.  The IELTS test system is extremely reliable and is an accurate assessment of a person’s English language ability. The test is specifically taken by people who are looking to study internationally or to verify their language ability for immigration purposes.

There are two versions to the test: the  Academic version and the General Training version.

  • IELTS Academic is intended for those who want to enroll in universities and other institutions of higher education, and for professionals such as medical doctors and nurses who want to study or practise in an English-speaking country.
  • IELTS General Training is intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training or to gain work experience, or for immigration purposes.

IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions, by over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States, and by various professional organisations across the world.

IELTS is the only Secure English Language Test approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa customers applying both outside and inside the UK. It is also a requirement for immigration to Australia and New Zealand. In Canada, IELTS, TEF, or CELPIP are accepted by the immigration authority.

In 2014, 2.5 million tests were taken in more than 140 countries. In 2007, IELTS administered more than one million tests in a single 12-month period for the first time ever, making it the world’s most popular English language test for higher education and immigration.



See also: English One’s IELTS Achiever Program


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