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Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

To celebrate International Literacy Day we asked some of the people at English One to tell us a bit about what they are reading. Here’s what they had to say:

20150908_122727Nicoletta: A short meditation.

“I read a meditation from Melodie Beatties’s Journey to the Heart called “Honour the Winter”. It emphasises how we ought to see the cold, winter months as a time to go within and reflect on what we accomplished in the season prior and also to cherish the fact that under the snow or frost lies fresh, green grass that waits to be enjoyed and appreciated. What I got from this is the fact that our lives are so busy and we ought to slow down every now and then and just stop to think about the path we took and if it served us… and if not to amend and move on. The next one… “Let the universe help you”

Ian: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

I’m really enjoying this book – it’s the second time I’m reading it! The story follows Shadow, who works for a mysterious man called Mr Wednesday (who is actually the god Odin) as they travel across America looking for all of the old gods of ancient mythology so that they can battle the new gods of Internet, Media and Modern Transport. I like it because it’s an interesting look at how our society has changed from the old beliefs of mythological gods to the worship of celebrity, technology, media and drugs.

Luciana: “A Truly Married Women” from The Price of Peace, Stories from Africa.

“I read this because the title caught my eye. It is about an unmarried couple and their routines and how the community where they live view them, since they aren’t married, a very untraditional choice! Most view her as just a mistress. I will definitely continue to read this story.”

Talal – “Two Lives” by Hannelore Hippe

“It is a true story about life in 1945. It’s a love story which starts out as a friendship and the characters are looking for better life opportunities. The girl is struggling with the choice of education considering that the choices back then were limited. I am reading this because I enjoy true stories and I will continue to read it.”

Munirah – magazine article

“I read an article about travelling to Greece during the economic crisis. I am curious about this because I would like to visit Greece. I really enjoyed the article and found some good information. In fact, I want to find more articles and pictures of Greece.”

So what have you been reading?

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