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Medical English

Medical English

English One showcases one of its popular Professional English Courses: Medical English. Learn more about this course and how it can help you in your career as a medical professional.

Course Overview

The Medical English course has been designed to assist you in various areas of the medical profession. There is a strong focus on developing your ability to communicate with patients, medical colleagues and paramedical staff. This course will improve your fluency in reading medical journals and textbooks and help you prepare to study or work in an English speaking country. If you are a medical student in the clinical phase of your studies this course will be of great benefit to you.

Course Outline

English for medicine, medical English, medical English course

Learn Medical English

The Medical English course is a flexible and adaptable course with each week focusing on a different topic.

 icon-calendar-o DAYS: Monday – Friday

 icon-clock-o TIMES: 9:00 – 15:00

 icon-exchange MINIMUM LENGTH: 1 week

 icon-signal   MINIMUM LEVEL: A2 (Recommended B1)


Course Aims

The aim of the Medical English course is to develop your ability to communicate clearly and fluently in English, and to support your medical studies or research. The ultimate outcome of this course will be your development and growth within your medical career.

English for medicine, medical English, medical English course

English for Medical Professionals

English for medicine, medical English, medical English course

Study Medical English

The intention of this course is to improve your ability to communicate with your patients and their relatives, as well as to maintain better communication with fellow medical practitioners and other paramedical staff.

The Medical English course is also designed to help you cope with all kinds of medical readings from case notes to journal articles and medical textbooks.

The course will also help medical students who are preparing for an elective attachment in an English university as well as medical professionals preparing to work in an English environment or taking part in a conference conducted in English.

A Selection of the Course Topics:

TOPIC 1: Health & Sickness

  • Asking about health
  • Taking a history
  • Sickness
  • Recovery

TOPIC 2: Parts of the Body

  • Body parts
  • Referring to parts of the body
  • Describing radiation of pain
  • The abdomen, chest and pelvis
TOPIC 3: Symptoms & Signs

  • Describing problems
  • Presentation
  • Talking about symptoms
  • Examining a patient
TOPIC 4: Basic Investigations

  • Opthalmoscopy
  • Blood pressure
  • Taking blood
  • Explaining & discussing investigations
TOPIC 5: Treatment

  • Medical treatment
  • Surgical treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy & chemotherapy
Topic 6: Presentations

  • Data presentations
  • Research articles
  • Conference presentations
  • Case presentations
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English for Medicine

The Language of Medicine

All lessons will provide you with the following:

  • Complete medical vocabulary with up-to-date terms and common phrases.
  • Grammar structures to improve your communication.
  • Pronunciation focus for a better accent.
* All course materials used are Cambridge or Oxford certified.

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