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Where’s my Vocabulary?

Where’s my Vocabulary? How to use what you already know: English One Live March 24, 2020

What do you need to speak a language? Words, of course! In addition to grammar and pronunciation, learning vocabulary is the most essential part of learning any language. If you want  to learn a new language, you first need to start by building up a bank of words. After all, the more words you know, the more fluent you are, right?  Well yes, but fluency isn’t only about how many words you have or trying to learn a new word every day. It’s more about how flexibly you can use the words you already know.


But, how do you know how many words are in your word bank?  How many words do you need? How many words should you know at your level?  How can you remember to use all of those words? Do you feel like no matter how much you study, just don’t have a big enough vocabulary?  Don’t worry! The good news is – your word bank is probably already a lot bigger than you think!

In this edition of English One LIVE, Nicoletta explains passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary is all the words and expressions that you have already learned or know but probably don’t use enough to remember when you need them.  


Watch as Nicoletta helps you find where all those words are hiding and shares her 4 Real-World Tips for Activating Passive Vocabulary

*As a free bonus, here are 3 new words you can deposit into your word bank now!

Like /lʌɪk/ verb

To show that you enjoy the content someone posts by simply clicking the Like button. On YouTube and Facebook, the Like button is a thumbs-up, while on Instagram and Twitter, a Like is indicated by a heart.

Share /ʃɛː/ verb

To re-post another person’s post or content either with a friend, your followers or on other social media platforms.

Subscribe /səbˈskrʌɪb/ verb

To follow someone on YouTube, by clicking on the red rectangular button, in order to keep updated on their newest videos.


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If you are looking for ways to expand and grow your word bank, watch the follow-up video in this series:  

Expanding Your Vocabulary 

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