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Common Phrasal Verbs used in Uncommon Ways

Common Phrasal Verbs used in Uncommon Ways: English One Live March 31, 2020

English is hard.  The grammar, the spelling, the pronunciation… it all takes a lot of time and practice in order to understand.  But, by far, the hardest part of English is the vocabulary, especially Phrasal Verbs. Those horrible multi-part words that combine a verb with a preposition (also extremely hard to understand) which native speakers use all the time.  If you struggle to understand phrasal verbs, you are not alone. Even native speakers would have a hard time explaining what they mean. While they may not be your favorite words to learn, they are extremely important because we use them in almost every sentence. 


In this video, Nicoletta walks you through phrasal verbs, what they are, how to make them, how to make sense of them and she even gives some examples of how to use a few of the most common ones in some interesting and uncommon ways.

Sit down and tune in as Nicoletta breaks it down for us.  Trust me, she doesn’t hold back.

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0:00-1:39  Introduction to the chat

1:40  Phrasal Verbs: 10,000 ways to confuse you in English

2:39  Why are they important?

4:17  Common phrasal verbs in everyday English

5:12  What is a phrasal verb, anyway?

7:04  Introduction to the two main types of phrasal verbs

7:11  Type # 1:Literal Meaning

12:00  Type #2: Figurative Meaning

14:58  Sneak Peek into the Third Type of Phrasal Verb: Aspectual Meaning

16:27 Common phrasal verbs you probably already know and how to use them in uncommon ways. (Here is where Nicoletta tests your understanding by giving you a common phrasal verb used differently in a sentence.  Can you figure out its meaning?)

30:40  How am I going to learn all these different phrasal verbs?

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