10/01/2018 Ian Coleshaw

Grammar: Part 2

Choose the correct answer from the words in italics to complete the conversation

Stella: Hi Michael, how are you?

Michael: I’m fine thanks Stella, and you?

Stella: I’m good, and I’m 1 really / a bit excited about organizing Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary party.

Michael: I know. Well, 2 do we / let’s start with the guests. Last week I 3 have sent / sent the invitations and twenty-three people have answered to say they can come.

Stella: That’s brilliant! So, I’ll arrange the food and drink for about twenty-five to thirty people.

Michael: Good idea. We 4 would / should decide what food to have now so you know what to buy.

Stella: 5 Shall / Let’s we have a barbecue?

Michael: The weather forecast said it’s going to rain on Saturday afternoon so maybe not.

Stella: OK, I think you’re right. Oh, can we have 6 a concert / a band to play music?

Michael: It’s a nice idea, but there’s not 7 much / many space in the house so maybe not.

Stella: Right, OK. Well, I’m going to go and get some flowers for them now anyway.

Michael: 8 Why don’t / Do you like I drive you to the florist’s?

Stella: Oh, it’s fine thanks, we don’t both need to go. You should stay here and check we have enough 9 plates / saucepans and cups for twenty-five people. Can I 10 borrow / lend your car to drive there?

Michael: Of course.