OK: okay?

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OK: and how to use it

Even if you have just started learning English, I’m pretty sure there is one word you already know – in fact, it’s the most recognised word in the world: “Ok”.

Going back to 1839 we see “Ok” being used for the first time as a playful abbreviation for “all correct”. Since then “Ok” has spread across the globe and found its way into all of our lives. Today “Ok” has become one of the most common expressions in the English language. Here is how you use it. Read more

Cambridge Exam Prep Courses

English One showcases one of its most useful (and intensive!) courses: the Cambridge Exam Preparation courses. Learn more about these courses and how they can help you achieve the results you need from your Cambridge Exam.

Course Overview

Our Cambridge Exam Preparation courses offer you the skills and techniques that you’ll need when taking your exam. Our small classes, Cambridge exam experienced teachers and focused courses ensure that when the exam day arrives you are well prepared and confident. Taking our preparation courses will help you develop the skills to enable you to get the most from living, studying and working in English-speaking countries. Give yourself the best chance for success by joining one of our Cambridge Exam Preparation courses. With our expert guidance and knowledgeable experience, we can help you get the result that you need.

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Academic English

English One showcases one of its popular specialized English Courses: Academic English. Learn more about this course and how it can help you in your studies or professional life.

Course Overview

The Academic English course is here to assist students who are studying, or want to study, at an English university. There is a strong focus on academic reading and writing as well as improving student’s listening skills. The course is also designed to prepare students for various English exams such as the Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE or CPE exams, as well as the important IELTS test. This part of the course works on developing your exam skills as well as improving your use of English. Read more

English for Information Technology

English for IT

English One showcases one of its popular Professional English Courses: IT English. Learn more about this course and how it can help you in your career as an IT professional.

Course Overview

The Information Technology course is designed to offer you a comprehensive and up-to-date English course which will provide you with the necessary language and skills that you will need to understand and work in the world of computers and technology. The course is built upon a strong foundation of terminology which is combined with vocabulary and grammar practice so that you will have the tools to use English in all areas of the Information Communications Technology field. Read more

What’s it like living in Cape Town?

What’s it like living in Cape Town?

Choosing where to study English is a complicated decision to make. You may be filled with many doubts, like what is the country and culture like? Is the city friendly? How much does it cost to live there? What will your experience be like? What can you do? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself when trying to decide where to go.

We were lucky enough to have a very special student spend a few months with us earlier this year. Vanessa is a Brazilian journalist who decided to study English in Cape Town, and she made a video talking about her experiences while living in Cape Town.

Here we would like to share what she had to say with you. Read more

Business English

English One showcases one of its popular Professional English Courses: Business English. Learn more about this course and how it can help you in your career as a business professional.

Course Overview

The Business English course focuses on the communicative skills needed in the workplace as well as the language and skills required to be successful in meetings, giving presentations, conducting negotiations and networking. Your confidence and vocabulary will be developed through our interactive classes with intelligent insights and positive feedback. Read more

Medical English

Medical English

English One showcases one of its popular Professional English Courses: Medical English. Learn more about this course and how it can help you in your career as a medical professional.

Course Overview

The Medical English course has been designed to assist you in various areas of the medical profession. There is a strong focus on developing your ability to communicate with patients, medical colleagues and paramedical staff. This course will improve your fluency in reading medical journals and textbooks and help you prepare to study or work in an English speaking country. If you are a medical student in the clinical phase of your studies this course will be of great benefit to you. Read more

11 Surprising Benefits of Learning English

The 11 Surprising Benefits of Learning English

Learning a new language like English is a big deal.

You’re learning a completely new form of communication, and it enables you to communicate with people you never could have before.

But there are benefits to learning a language that you might not have expected when you started the journey. not just learning how to speak English but surprising benefits like increased confidence, being more outgoing, and increased mental clarity.

In this article, we’ll share the 11 surprising benefits you’ll experience when you learn a language like English. Read more

How to Learn English Faster: 23 Tips for EFL Students

23 Tips to Help you Learn English Faster

English can be a daunting language to learn. It’s full of contradictions and odd rules and pronunciations, its idiosyncrasies are what makes it interesting, but it can be a challenge if you’re new to it – and even if you’re not! This is why we want to offer you some useful tips on how to speed up the process of learning this complex language, so that you’ll be fluent before you know it. Read more

Four Benefits of Speaking a Second Language

The 4 Benefits of Speaking a Second Language

If you’re learning to speak English then you’re getting ready to speak the language of approximately 400 million people. And if you speak Spanish, for example, then you can add another 500 million to that. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to speak to 12.5% of the global population? Read more

The verb BE explained

The Mother of All Verbs:“BE”

When we are born we rely on our mothers for survival right? And when we start to learn English the verb “be” is super important. That’s why I like to call it the mother verb, because without it we can’t learn English.

It is very important that you understand the verb “be” and its functions, and that you are able to use it across all skills with accuracy and fluency. This is because the verb “be” is the foundation of English, and as we know, a house built on sand will eventually collapse because it needs a strong foundation in order for it to survive. Read more

English for medical purposes

5 Things You Need to Know

After many years of study in arguably one of the most challenging subjects it seems a big task to relearn it in another language. Learning a new language is difficult enough, where do you begin to try and learn and apply it within the high-pressure field of medicine? Based on the personal experience in Jonathan Mcfarland’s publication – Teaching English to the medical profession: Developing communication skills and bringing humanities to medicine, take a look at 5 top tips to a better understanding of how to take on the challenge of learning English for medical purposes.

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Preparing for your job interview

English for Business

Five Strategies To Get You Ready For Your Job Interview

Doing a job interview is a stressful experience for everyone, and it is especially hard if you have to do it in English. Being well prepared for your job interview is the best way to make sure that you meet with success. In this post we take a look at five things that you can do to make sure you’re ready to make a great first impression and secure the job you want.

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Prepositions Of Time

Prepositions of Time

Understanding Prepositions of Time

What are prepositions?

Prepositions are words that define the relationship between words in a sentence.  They usually connect a noun with a verb.

The basics:

There are three basic prepositions used when we are referring to time. In, At and On.

How do you know which one to use?

Choosing the correct preposition is one of the most challenging parts of learning English.  If you ask a native speaker why they use “at” rather than “on”, their response will probably be something like, “I don’t know. We just do.”  They aren’t being difficult, they are just being honest.  The truth is, there isn’t always a clear reason as to why we use a certain preposition, which is why it can be such a difficult part of learning. Read more

Passive Voice 1

The Passive Voice

What is the Passive Voice?

Aaahh… the Passive.  The passive voice can be the thorn in the side of any English learner, native or non-native, and even English teachers.  Although we encounter the passive voice more than we think, when we are presented with it formally, sometimes it seems as though it is impossible to understand.  However, there are times when the passive voice is all that really makes sense.  Before we can effectively use it we first have to understand why we use it. Read more

Where’s the Most Beautiful Country in the World?

Cape Town

South Africa voted MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD by Buzzfeed users!

A recent article from Buzzfeed ranked South Africa as number 1 of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. This is just another reason to choose Cape Town as the place to study English – where else can you learn English and explore so much beauty?

Here is what they had to say:


This country sweeps international travel prizes and has travellers raving about its beauty so much that Read more

Phrasal Verb Particles

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Pesky Phrasal Verb Particles

Firstly, what are particles?

Particles are the non-content words which are (among other uses) used in a variety of combinations with verbs to form Phrasal Verbs. They are also the reason we can’t translate a phrasal verbs’ meaning by separating the verb and the particle. In most cases the verb is more pertinent to the meaning of the phrasal verb, however, the choice of particle is never random and can often be responsible for how a phrasal verb is used in context. Read more

Learn English in Cape Town

Reasons to learn English in Cape Town #3: HAPPINESS

Cape Town is full of fun and sunshine. And the people that live here love that! Known as Capetonians, the people who live in Cape Town are seen as the happiest and most laid-back* people in South Africa. Which is probably why 1.9 million people moved to Cape Town between 1996 and 2011.

Enjoy this video and you will understand what everyone is talking about.

With thanks to Mr Pharell Williams for visiting our city and inspiring this video.

* Laid-back – /leɪd/bak/ (ADJECTIVE) Informal: Relaxed and easy-going.

Learn English in Cape Town

Reasons to learn English in Cape Town #2: ADVENTURE

Some of us are looking for something more when we travel – we want to discover more, experience more and do more. We want adventure! A city like Cape Town has a lot to offer, but there is more than what meets the tourist’s eye.

Watch this video to see what locals get up to in Cape Town and you’ll understand what our students see in this city filled with possibilities.

With thanks to Bryn North for the excellent video.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Brynnorth

Instagram : https://instagram.com/bryn_north/

Learn English in Cape Town

Reasons to learn English in Cape Town #1: BEAUTY

Deciding to leave your home and travel half way around the world can be a daunting* idea. But when you see what a city like Cape Town has to offer, it makes the decision a little easier.

Take a look at this beautiful time-lapse video by the talented photographer Brendon Wainwright and you’ll see why so many of our students choose Cape Town as the city to learn English in.

Check out more of Brendon Wainwright’s work here.

* Daunting: /ˈdɔːntɪŋ/ (ADJECTIVE) Causing fear or discouragement, intimidating.

Guided Self Study


We acknowledge that learner needs vary and everyone absorbs at different paces.

Guided Self-Study takes individual’s needs and employs various strategies to give each student the necessary tools to get the maximum benefit out of their course. Whatever area of English they need to improve – whether it’s pronunciation, grammar or reading – goals are set and tasks based on those are assigned to them. And to support the learning process students also get a tutor, one of our experienced teachers to guide help them progress. Read more

Holiday Reads!

What to read when you’re on holiday

I love to read

I love to read

“Holiday” means a lot of different things to different people. It could mean party time, sleep in time, catch up with friends and family time, R & R time, spring-clean the house time…

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