destinationsAre you graduating, taking a gap year, emigrating or planning to travel? Or are you wanting to deepen your teaching knowledge? Then doing English One’s 140 hour TEFL certificate course is your next step.

Having a TEFL qualification will help you to earn money while experiencing new cultures and meeting people from different walks of life. You can use your TEFL qualification to teach in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Australia and many more.

English One’s TEFL course is designed to introduce students with no prior teaching experience to the essential teaching methodology, lesson planning and classroom management required in the EFL industry.

Did you know?
English One also offers a Correspondence TEFL course – get TEFL qualified online!


140 Hour Full-Time TEFL Certificate Course


English One’s TEFL course is an intensive 140 hour classroom-based course. The TEFL course requires 4 weeks of full time study. Our TEFL course incorporates teaching practice, lesson observations and two individual assignments. Course content is delivered through face-to-face, online and digital mediums and collaborative learning is used in class when necessary.

Our updated TEFL course now includes a module on Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenages (TEYLT)!

All successful candidates will receive a certificate with an overall grade of A+, A, B, C or D upon completion of the course. You will also get a reference letter from the course facilitator.


Teacher in Training

Our TEFL course covers all the essentials of teaching English as a foreign language. But it goes deeper than that too, we have developed our course around our own teaching experience so that it focuses more on the practical skills that you will need.

  • Authentic teaching practice in real classrooms with real students.
  • Observe experienced teachers in action.
  • Take advantage of our expanded lesson planning module.
  • Comprehensive instruction on English grammar and phonology – more than you’d get anywhere else.
  • Understanding how to do a Needs Analysis of your students.
  • Get the foreign language experience with our unique Foreign Language class!

On the course you will learn about:

  • Teaching the English language by incorporating the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening
  • Teaching English Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Lesson Planning and Methodology
  • Teaching and developing Pronunciation and Phonology
  • Assessing Learning Styles and Learner Needs
  • Introduction to Teaching Resources
  • Classroom Organisation and Management
  • Assessing Learner Skills and Developing Learner Autonomy
  • Assessing and Evaluating Learner Progress


Module 1: Orientation & Introduction

  • Introduction to TEFL
  • Global English
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • The Language Teacher

Module 3: Grammar & Lexis

  • Teaching English Grammar and Lexis (vocabulary)
  • Compare & Contrast different approaches to teaching grammar
  • Exploring Tense and Aspect
  • Concept checking lexis and grammar
  • Micro Teaching – Target Language and Vocabulary

Module 5: The Productive Skills

  • Teaching Productive Skills – Writing and Speaking
  • Developing Writing Skills – A Collaborative Writing Workshop
  • Exploring ways of developing oral fluency and active communication
  • Promoting Learner Autonomy
  • Micro Teaching – Preparing a Discussion Lesson

Module 7: TEYLT

  • TEFL vs TEYL – An introduction to the differences and similarities.
  • Defining young learners
  • Methodologies
  • Practical teaching tips (flashcards, drilling, singing, story telling)

Module 2: Lesson Planning

  • Assessing Learning Styles and Learner Needs
  • Lesson Aims
  • Micro-Lesson planning
  • Classroom Organisation and Management

Module 4: Teaching Pronunciation

  • Pronunciation and Phonology – the 4 phonological giants: phonemes, word and sentence stress patterns and connected speech
  • Teaching Receptive Skills – Listening and Reading
  • Techniques for successful receptive skills lessons
  • Micro Teaching – Reading and Listening

Module 6: Teaching Resources

  • Introduction to Teaching Resources
  • Course books – their restrictions, benefits and how they can be exploited
  • Teaching lexis through the use of authentic material
  • Use of Technology – Guided Discussion
  • Presentation by students: Task 2 “Top Tech Tips”

Module 8: Teaching Practicals

  • Assessed Teaching Practice
  • Students will all teach a lesson, which will be assessed and graded
  • Presenting yourself as a TEFL teacher – What do Academic Directors look for?


  1. You hold a Matric Certificate
  2. You’re over the age of 18
  3. You’re a native English speaker
  4. You have a strong grasp of English
  5. You’re a people’s person
  6. You have a strong sense of adventure and a healthy dose of curiosity!



Nicoletta Di Gia holds a Licentiate Trinity Teaching Diploma in TESOL (Scotland) and has been involved in the EFL industry for over a decade. Nicoletta successfully ran the Academic Department of one of Cape Town’s biggest English schools for 6 years, during which time she focused strongly on teacher development and training.

In her own words: “It is my desire to inspire others to reach their full potential. A talented teacher and mentor once told me ‘Good is ok, but great is what you want to achieve’ – I teach and work with this in mind”

And from her students:

“Nicoletta is a phenomenal teacher! She succeeds where many other instructors often fail, in that she creates an environment and atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Her classroom sessions are incredibly well-paced and structured to perfection. Nicoletta understands how to get the most out of her students and is able to present information in a manner that is fun, engaging and intuitive. I would unequivocally recommend Nicoletta to anyone that is interested in applying for a TEFL course!”Ryan.

“Nicoletta won’t just teach you, she’ll bring out the teacher in you!”Kamerin.

“The ability to tap into the strengths and weaknesses of the teachers she trains greatly helped shape me into the teacher I am today”Warren.

“Nicoletta came highly recommend by an English teacher at a Saudi Arabian university. He recommended her as a person, saying it was much more important to learn from such a dynamic and experienced TEFL trainer as opposed to attending a certain school. And I am so glad to have received this training from her. After speaking with other people who have taken “2 week online” TEFL courses, what I received was much more advantageous – thorough content, professional development tools, excellent resources galore, personalised feedback from an expert immersed in the TEFL field. I strongly recommend Nicoletta and the English One environment.  Thank you!”Laura.

“I found Nicoletta to be an amazing trainer and facilitator. Her knowledge of the subject matter and ability to express the requirements of the course are excellent!”Carlos.

“Nicoletta’s drive to steer and improve the thoughts and skills of her students, and her belief in the potential talents of the individuals she trains is admirable and highly appreciated.”Yasmin.


9:00 - 15:30, Monday to Friday
4 weeks
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If you have any questions about entering the fascinating world of teaching English then contact us. And remember you can do this course through correspondence too. We are here to answer your questions!