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The Student Experience Post 1


In trying to help our students develop their English skills on every possible level, we are proud to announce the first in a series of blog posts created and written by our students. The idea is that these posts offer our students a chance to share their experiences in Cape Town with the rest of the world, and to give them the opportunity to express themselves in English by using the language they have learnt in class.

The cadets from English One

The cadets from English One

This post was written by a group of cadets from OSM Marine who are in Cape Town preparing for the IELTS exam.

So, here are our students in their own words:

ADRIEN (Deck Cadet):

Being in Cape Town is like a dream for all of us. Nobody between us (cadets) were thinking this project could be possible.  According to me, I’m still thinking about how we were struggling with our english tasks in Pointe-Noire, when it came from English one by internet. How all of us were frustrated by those types of exercises.  But today, these type of exercises are becoming more and more like our passion because on other side we have people who are working with all their spirit to make us reach a reasonable level of english. I enjoy my experience in English one so much and I hope it will continue like this until the end of my cadet training in Cape Town.

viva OSM..” all about people”

viva English one..” we speak success”

viva.. Cape Town “ town of hospitality, town of the Brave people”…..

ROMUALD (Radio Operator):

Firstly, nothing can happen on Earth without God.  Our arrival in South Africa was mysterious.  We arrived at midnight and we spent our first night at one of the most beautiful hotels called Fountain Hotel, situated in the centre of Cape Town.  Furthermore, we got a friendly reception the next day by our new friends: Yvette, Nicoletta and Ian.  After all the excitement of our introductions we were brought to our host families.  To sum up, we have started Academic English with English One to develop our skills.  For the time being, all are moving “five by five”.

ROMEO (Marine Engineer):

I am proud to be part of the Seaman that OSM has sent to South Africa (Cape Town) for the Cadet Training Programme.  Our first night in Cape Town was in a nice and majestic, five star hotel, Fountain Hotel.  The food was really nice.  In the morning, we were so excited to meet the wonderful team of English One teachers: Mr Ian, Mrs Nicoletta, Shirley and Kam.  We have a very tough programme at English One with social activities as well to refresh our mind and to take advantage of the town.  We have visited the Slave Lodge in Cape Town, we went to the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup at the Waterfront along with English One and Yvette of MCS.  That was a wonderful experience!  We had food and drinks.  I love you all!

HABIB (Naval Mechanical Engineer): 

Knowing and learning about Heritage Day was the most wonderful thing I have done in Cape Town!  It allowed me to get rid of my xenophobia.  Cape Town is mine, yours, let’s say OUR city!  Lets praise the Lord above to protect this heritage.

FRED (Deck Cadet):

Heritage Day allowed me to know more about South Africa’s origin.  I expanded my awareness about South Africa’s roots, specifically the people, the language, the country’s geography and culture.  I discovered that the first South African language was Nama and the first people of South Africa were the Khoe-Khoe.  They were living in South Africa before the Dutch arrived in South Africa.  The geography of Cape Town has changed over time, the sea used to cover Table Mountain.

NOSSI (HSE Operator):  

I think that Cape Town is one the most beautiful towns in Africa.  When I arrived in Cape Town, it was a culture shock to me because I have seen very different things compared to my country.  For example, the melting pot of cultures, the weather, modes of transport, shopping centres and roads.  I visited the Slave Church and the Slave Lodge Museum which relayed the story of slaves who were coming from our Continent of Africa.  In addition, people are so kind and friendly and the food is different.  I enjoy staying in Cape Town because it is an awesome city!

Every fortnight the students will add to this blog, so keep watching this space!

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