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The Student Experience Post 2




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We continue our blogging project with the cadets from OSM Marine with the second post from the students at English One. The idea is that these posts offer our students a chance to share their experiences in Cape Town with the rest of the world, and to give them the opportunity to express themselves in English by using the language they have learnt in class.

An afternoon in the Company Gardens

This post was written by a group of cadets from OSM Marine who are in Cape Town preparing for the IELTS exam.

Once again, here are the students in their own words:

ROMUALD (Radio Operator):

Before getting down to brass tacks or talking about the the marvelous story of South Africa, I first want to appreciate Carlo, who we went with to the Gardens.  Firstly, Carlo’s knowledge and each monument in the Gardens has strong and solid value.  For example, the one about Cecil Rhodes.  The country of Rhodesia was named for him, but today is Zimbabwe.  It is important to keep the story of the country from generation to generation.  Moreover, I was impacted when I saw the lamp symbolizing the relationship of the South African people with the people of Japan.

To sum up, this really is the way the culture of the country will be saved.  God willing, the next President in South Africa may do for building museums.

Romeo hard at work in the Company Gardens

ROMEO (Marine Engineer):

On the 1st of October, I had an instructive, wonderful tour with my colleagues at the Garden where I learnt about the Cape history.

The tour was guided by Carlo, who shared his uniquely wonderful knowledge of the place with us.  During the Tour, I learnt about a lot of things such as:The Garden was the first vineyard in Cape Town, and it was as a vegetable and fruit supply back up for the VOC, which was a Dutch company. I would really appreciate to go back again in the future.



ADRIEN (Deck Cadet):

It is often said if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. It is in that view, ENGLISH ONE together with MCS, they are trying to give us the best of their experience and knowledge by lessons and visiting some beautiful places of Cape Town.

Always in that spirit of outgoing to change the mind, we visited the Company Gardens of Cape Town, to share with the nature of this magnificent place and also to learn the reality of South Africa’s story. Also, some historic buildings such as the first Parliament and National Library of South Africa.

FRED (Deck Cadet):

Yoga with Nicoletta

An activity that involves exercise that are intended to make you stronger and more relaxed, to put you away from stress, that is what yoga can do for a human.  Many people have their own interpretation about yoga.  Some say that it is an evil practice, others say that it is a magical exercise, but when we did yoga with Nicoletta, I was able to do it and to discover what yoga is.  It was on Wednesday, the 7th of October, I brought my towel and in the afternoon, we started.  Absolutely everything we did was focus on the body and clear the mind.  Really, yoga is very helpful for health.  I prefer yoga.  You can do it anywhere and can be hit with a full body experience.


Last week, I visited the garden which is a park and heritage site located in central Cape Town.Nowadays,the park has become a leisure place which relates the story of this city. In the garden, we find many monuments such as the first government building, the memorial of war, lamp symbol of relationship between South African and Japanese people, vegetables and fruits…this a fabulous and very nice place. I don’t live far from there.

Nossi, Fred and Romeo in the Company Gardens

HABIB (Naval Mechanical Engineer):

Things that struck me most on my road to cape town museum with mister Carlo last friday is  that. all facilities around the this one such as the museum garden and its warehouses,the history and the origin of this one ,the knowhow of people in care of the animals ,birds and so on without have forgotten the meaning of sculptures.

According to the cape town history , the museum garden was  or has been built by Van Reebeck in 1652 in the aim to supply with fresh provision all the ships in transit at Cape Town. The lantern found in the garden symbolized a token of friendships between Japan and South Africa.

Please come back again to see what the cadets get up to next.

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