March 11, 2015 English One

Yahya Dhonia visits Cape Town again

Yahya Donia

When Yahya Donia from Saudia Arabia called me out of the blue, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him. I taught him briefly three years ago, but recognized his voice immediately.

He decided to visit Cape Town again and take a short English course with English One while here.

Our lessons together were centered around his upcoming trip to USA. We focused on the language he would need when visiting places New York and Disney Land.

Some of our lessons were also based on Yahya’s work as a sales rep and we did a lot of practice on email writing and giving presentations to his clients for products he was marketing.

It was such a pleasure seeing Yahya again. He was ready for any challenge I presented to him and took advice very graciously. I’m sure we will meet again, but until then, we wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.